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Our good health is life’s most precious and fragile gift that is given only once, the foundation that shapes our future achievements in life, and an essential element of longevity and well-being. That is why it is so important to take care of your health and treasure it. CJSC ZiO-Zdorovie’s mission and goal is to support health of people everywhere.

We contribute towards achieving this challenging goal by manufacturing modern pharmaceuticals that are both effective and affordable. We can proudly say that we are committed to working in the people’s interest.

Nikolaj Viktorovich Safonov,
CEO at CJSC "ZiO-Zdorovie"


CJSС "ZiO-Zdorovie" is a new pharmaceutical company built and equipped in accordance with the international GMP standards. We produce non-sterile solid dosage forms including tablets, film-coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules, as well as powder and gel sachets. We package our own products, and offer contract and manufacturing services to external customers.

We are ready to become your contract manufacturer.

We have what it takes to produce high-quality medicines:

 • Modern equipment by leading global manufacturers
 • Trained and qualified staff
 • Equipment qualification, validation of cleaning procedures and process validation at each step
 • Control of each production step

Our company occupies an area of about 1.6 hectares in the city of Podolsk (Moscow region). We have 236 employees. Company’s projected annual capacity is up to 2 billion tablets (capsules).

In December 2007, we obtained a new Drug Manufacturing License (No. 99-04-000435 issued on December 14, 2007), and on December 18, 2012, we received a lifetime license to manufacture medicinal products (No. 12094-ЛС-П). Today, company’s portfolio includes 49 medications. In addition, we produce a number of medicines for our western partners through the program of import substitution.

Furthermore, in 2008, we received certification, confirming compliance with of our quality management system with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 requirements (GOST R certification system for drug manufacture, paragraph 6.3 and paragraphs 7.4 through 8.5). Production certification was conducted by the Russian Research Institute of Certification (VNIIS) with assistance of an expert from Roszdravnadzor state regulatory agency. On November 14, 2008, CJSC "ZiO-Zdorovie" was issued with a certificate of compliance No. РОСС RU.ИС 11.Р00592. In 2011, we received certification of recertification confirming production process compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 requirements (paragraph 6.3 and paragraphs 7.4 through 8.5). The company was issued certificate No. РОСС RU.ИС11.Р00683 valid through November 7, 2014. VNIIS represents the Russian Federation in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO TC 176). The Institute has developed the official Russian versions of ISO 9000 series. Founded on April 15, 1965, VNIIS has led the way in developing standardization and certification in Russia. The Institute includes certification bodies involved in certification of products and services, quality and manufacturing systems, as well as environmental management systems to ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and HACCP standards, as well as integrated and industry-specific management systems. VNIIS is accredited to provide training in conformity assessment.

CJSС "ZiO-Zdorovie" was audited by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) that concluded that company’s utility systems comply with the standards of the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP EU). Founded in the US in 1980, today the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) serves 25,000 members in 90 countries. ISPE is a global non-profit association established to advance the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to educate and connect pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals, providing them with the opportunity for exchanging technical information and practical experience. The organization actively cooperates with FDA, PQRI (Product Quality Research Institute), ISO, and others.

At CJSС "ZiO-Zdorovie", we have ensured that all the necessary conditions are in place for compliance with GOST R 52249-2009 Russian national standard and OST 42-510-98 "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) industry standard.

At CJSС "ZiO-Zdorovie", we are not complacent. We aim for further development and improvement of the quality management system, and focus on maintaining competitiveness of our medicines on both national and global markets.

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