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About company


Company logo: ZiO ZDOROVIE

"ZIO Zdorovie" Closed Joint-Stock Company is a new pharmaceutical company built and equipped in accordance with all current industry-specific standards.

Principal shareholder:

  • Ltd "Irvin 2"

ZIO ZdorovieCJSC "Zdorovie" pharmaceutical company specializes in the production, storage and marketing of medicines.

We are focused on providing our customers with access to high-quality medicines that are safe, effective and affordable.

In the manufacture of medicinal products, quality control and quality assurance are essential for both finished products and all production steps, from the purchase of raw materials and preparation of equipment and manufacturing premises to production-related tasks performed by the employees. We have developed a quality management system that assures proper control of the manufacturing process and quality control, and enables us to achieve adequate control at all production steps.

Our annual capacity for different dosage forms is 2 billion tablets/capsules and 20 million sachets. We are capable of producing medicines from all compatible product groups.

ZIO Zdorovie

In order to increase output and expand the product portfolio, we are currently renovating our facilities, namely, creating new production and storage areas and modernizing the existing units.

More specifically, we are building the second phase of the Finished Dosage Form plant equipped with the following machines:

  • Pelletizing machinery (a mixer, an extruder and a spheronizer);
  • Two film coating machines;
  • A blister line producing up to 360 blisters per minute;
  • A tablet press.

This plant will allow us to expand the production area by 3,750 m².

Furthermore, we plan to replace the following equipment:

  • Production lines for powder and gel sachets.

In addition, we have completed a new warehouse with 1680 pallet storage capacity.

The upgraded operating and auxiliary equipment will allow us to move to larger batch sizes.

Furthermore, we plan to expand the existing area for preparation of starting and raw materials.

A site for development of pilot lots of new medicines is slated for construction.

Our physicochemical testing laboratory is equipped with modern instruments for analytical testing allowing us to control the quality of our own medicines and offer analytical services to external customers.

The company has areas reserved for production development.

The valid portfolio of ZAO "ZiO-Zdorovie" includes the drugs of the following pharmacological groups:

1. Means affecting metabolism in the prostate gland, and urodynamic correctors (alpha-blockers)

2. Means for the prevention and treatment of infections – anti-tuberculosis drugs

3. Means for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – anti-Ulcer means

4. Antioxidant remedies

5. Antibacterial agents (tetracyclines)

6. Hepatoprotective agents


Legal address: 142103, Moscow region, Podolsk, Zheleznodorozhnaya st., 2

Phone: +7 (495) 642-05-42

Fax: : +7 (495) 642-05-42